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Just a girl trying to find herself and what she believes in. I'm a young single mom to the cutest toddler in the world, a student studying to become a counselor, while also trying to live a healthier lifestyle and achieve a better body image. I could be your best friend, just message me!
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I’m so mad I’m seriously shaking. I woke up to all these 14 texts about him just attacking everything I do. He hasn’t seen Kallie in 5 months, where does he get off telling me how to raise her?? Ugh. I just want to punch him. Kallie just turned one 2 weeks ago, it’s not like she’s 5 and still breastfeeding, and if she was that’s still none of his business.

#douchebag #SB #baby daddy drama #hate you #go to hell #breastfeeding #us #personal #babydaddy
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  1. cooperandchloe said: How is it meant to hurt you in the end? :/
  2. amburrdawwn said: Psh. He doesn’t deserve to say shit.
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